Why Fiberglass Boats are in High Demand

Why Carbon Fiber Boats are in High Demand

For thousands of years boat builders have been striving to build boats that are lighter while maintaining their durability.  Today we have materials that allow us to build boats from aluminum and composite materials that give us lighter boats that are faster and easier to navigate.  Aluminum and carbon fiber boats are in high demand from fishermen and recreational boat users.  Let’s look at why carbon fiber boats are in high demand.

Boat Building

One of the biggest advantages of having a carbon fiber boat is how little maintenance they require.  Wooden boats need constant maintenance and you are always scraping them down, repainting them and making sure that the wood is still buoyant.  Aluminum boats have the same issue, you need to constantly check them for dents.  Carbon fiber composite boats are made from one single piece and they don’t require any kind of assembly.  Here is a look at how carbon fiber boats are made.

Wooden boats are made from treated wooden planks that will shrink as they get exposed to water.  Fiberglass composite boats are not affected by moisture or the climate and you never have to worry about the planks shrinking.  There is no corrosion that happens with exposure to the water.  Aluminum boats, while are incredibly popular they too can corrode in the water.

Simple Construction

One of the best perks of a fiberglass and carbon fiber boats is that the construction is so simple.  Boat builders create a basic mold and then they can produce as many hulls as they want to.  This is also a huge time saver, a carbon fiber boat can be built in a quarter of the time and there is very little skill required.  Wooden boat building can take years to learn.

Disadvantages of this Type of Construction

While carbon fiber boats are lightweight and fast they aren’t perfect there are a few disadvantages.  You can’t make a boat out of any carbon fiber material whatsoever you will need to have the fiberglass composite manufactured.  You are also going to need a mold, so you will have to decide ahead of time exactly what style of boat that you are going to need.  You cannot change your idea on the design once the mold has been made.

The cost can be another disadvantage, if you want a fiberglass boat that is made from a standard mold then it won’t be that expensive.  If you want a custom-made boat that requires not only the manufacture of the boat but the mold as well then you’re going to be spending some money.

There are some disadvantages to a carbon fiber composite boat, they are vastly outweighed by the advantages.  You never really have to worry about maintenance and they are lightweight and faster than a wooden boat, and more durable than aluminum.

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